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A Disruptive Backgammon Opponent

Backgammon, through the years, has remained among the top favorite Board games around the world. This game provides a venue for people to come together, communities to work together and different races to interact, via online gaming... but, what if the main objectives of the game, which are social interaction and camaraderie, are not achieved? Instead of harmony and friendship, rivalry and chaos are developed in the game.

To start a one-of-a-kind backgammon experience, nuisance Backgammon players should be banned from the online game site. Here are tips to help players get rid of disruptive players, and make the most of out of their Backgammon game.

Collecting evidence against the player:

Even to not-so Internet savvy users, collecting evidence against a disruptive player is not a difficult task. This is easy to do, using Microsoft Word or Word Pad. Many users use Word, while Word Pad is already included in the Windows package. These are the two tools that can easily be accessed on the player's computer.

If the player wants to have a record of the conversations, or chat during the game, they can easily find the particular chat or dialogue that they want to save. However, the player is only allowed to save the dialogues that are displayed on the screen at one time. The player can also opt to save the chat in image form. This can be done through selecting the image and clicking on the game board or chat area. Hold down ALT then press PRNTSCTN. Then click the document area in the Word Pad and press CNTL/V. The board can now be seen.

To avoid overwriting of the saved images on the clipboard, the player should hold down CNTL, press END and ENTER. If there are still remaining images or chat dialogues that the player needs to save, they can go over the entire procedure again.

Saving the game chat in text form is also advisable to ensure that the player has another back-up copy of what they saved in image form. The player can do this by going back to the game window and placing the cursor in the area where his/her desired chat appears. Click on the left and right mouse button. Choose "Select All" by moving the cursor to the command and left clicking it. Then, they should right-click, choose "Copy", and left-click. The desired chat in text form is also saved on the Clipboard. Afterwards, the player should go back to WordPad and press CNTL/V. The chat will then be attached. The copied image, and text form, can now be saved on the player's documents.

After successfully collecting evidence against another opponent's playing behavior, the player can now e-mail the game server and attach the evidence in the letter. Response or appropriate actions are usually given immediately.