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Horse Race Types of Bets

In order to bet at horse racing tracks you must know the different types to bets you can place. Each different type of bet allows you to bet on certain outcomes and get bigger payouts than the "usual" bets. There aren't many types of horse racing bets you can place, but knowing the few that do exist is a must.

Straight Bet – The most simple horse racing bet you can place. You place your money and you get money according to the given bets odds if your horse finishes the race in first place. Place Bet – Just like the Straight Bet, you place your bet on a horse and if he finishes the race in first or second place you win and collect your money triple the given odds. Show – As in Place and Straight bet, but this time you also collect money if your horse finishes the race in third place. This bet is very common on as it covers three places at ones. You should place a Show Bet if you think that your horse is strong, but you're not sure is would take first place.

Pick 3/6 Bet – A very profitable bet, but with less odds for winning in comparison to the first three bets. In a Pick 3 or Pick 6 you bet on horses that would win three or six races in a row. This bet places high payouts. Daily Double Bet – Like in a Pick 3 horse bet, but this time only on two races. If your chosen horses take first places in the first and second race then you win. Quiniela/Quiniela Box Bet – You pick two (Quiniela) or more horses (Quiniela Box) that would win first and second places (or third place as well if you bet on three horses). The order of the winners doesn't matter.

These are the common horse racing betting options you have in most horse racing tracks. In some countries you may have more or less bet types, but these should be located easily. Online betting sites might offer much more options; you should always check your options before you place your bets on horse races.