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Horse Racing Basic Tips

There are many tips for horse races, they vary and it's not always easy to spot the best tips, but we gathered and selected the following tips that would help you to increase your odds for winning at horse races. Notice that horse racing tips are just a part of a smart-horse racing strategy, you must also know the horse betting types.

The most basic tips for horse racing is that you must bet on a horse that already won in the past. A good healthy horse that has performed well in the past is more likely to do the same once again. Always check the winning history of the horse you are about to place you bet on. Some horse bettors love to gamble on new horses that have moved one class up. They believe that such horse is the "next best thing" when in reality he might have only won few races due to good environment or just luck. This is an important horse racing tip – don’t bet on new horses that have moved up in class, they can easily go down during the race you bet on.

A horse racing tips about the weather and the track condition: when the track is muddy and slow place your bets on a horse that usually is on the lead, this type of horse is most likely to win at these track conditions.

In order to test the above horse racing tips you can view online betting sites to pick online bookies and horse racing tracks. There you can use these tips and see how successful they are.