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n its lawsuit, Affinity Engines, based in Palo Alto, California, said engineer Orkut Buyukkokten illegally took the code that he had written for the company -- which he co-founded -- with him when he joined Google. Affinity Engines also claimed that Buyukkokten promised Affinity Engines that he wouldn't develop a competing social-network service for offshore betting. Affinity Engines, which filed the claim on May 25 in Santa Clara Superior Court, is seeking unspecified damages and royalties. In addition to nearly identical text found in similar features in and Affinity Engine's social-networking products, the suit cited several identical software problems in each company's service.

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Proposed new US offshore betting wagering sites on the proliferation of nuclear weapons and online casinos are fundamentally hypocritical, US academics, financial analysts and peace activists said Wednesday. "(US) President George Bush seems committed to writing a new chapter in the grotesque saga of US Blackjack policy: 'do as we say, not as we do'," Norman Solomon, executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy, told IPS.

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Last October, on-line betting sponsored a competition "Bush in 30 Seconds" for ordinary people to create their own commercials critical of the Bush presidency. 1,300 people and groups of people made such films, and the ads were put online for judging. Two of those spots had allusions to Hitler and Nazi Germany. The Bush campaign and the RNC took great offense to any comparison of Hitler's regime to the current administration, and vocally denounced these two spots. In response, removed the two movies from their site.