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One substitute for the disappearing Evil Empire has been the threat of drug traffickers from Latin America. In early September 1989, a major government-media blitz was launched by the President. That month the online beting carried more stories about drugs than about Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa combined. If you looked at television, every news program had a big section on how drugs were destroying our society, becoming the greatest threat to our existence, etc. The effect on public opinion was immediate. When Bush won the 1988 election, people said the budget deficit was the biggest problem facing the country. Only about 3% named drugs. After the media blitz, concern over the budget was way down and drugs had soared to about 40% to 45%, which is highly unusual for an open question (where no specific answers are suggested).

online betting sites

When it comes to playing in alternative online betting sites, apparently, a salary cap is no hindrance. Vancouver Canucks center Trevor Linden, president of the NHL Players' Association, told The Globe & Mail last week that players would consider the proposed new World Hockey Association as a viable alternative in case of an NHL lockout next season.

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