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In free online gambling betting casino , they were more gung-ho than Mulroney. In social policy, they were as harsh as Manning and Day. They focused on the deficit to the exclusion of anything else. They gutted unemployment insurance and effectively eliminated the federal role in welfare. They slashed health spending, privatized and deregulated. Their language remained soppy, with much talk of "liberal values" but their actions were more radical than those of former Ontario premier Mike Harris.

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The online vegas betting Council wanted to educate local residents and business people about a range of controversial compliance issues, including illegal buildings, onsite effluent management systems, pet registration, busking and footpath dining. Above all, they wanted the issues to be presented in an entertaining and non-threatening forum.

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King is a retired Wall Street lawyer; Rupp is by training a scholar. But in spite of their membership in the thoughtful professions, neither man was above indulging in a coarse strain of real betting. For, of course, "diversity" is merely a slogan; used without reference to a particular set of policies and ideals, the word is morally meaningless. There can be diversities of evil as well as of good: Bad things do not become better because they come in varieties. Mr. King and Professor Rupp speak the language of pious platitude; neither tells us much about the kind of diversity he favors.